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Wolf Hunts

"The WOLF is the MASTER hunter of our area!"

Our Ontario Wolf Hunt consists of great patience, mental toughness and a strong knowledge of wolf behavior.  Anyone who has attempted to pursue this allusive animal knows exactly what I am describing. You could sit many hours over active bait piles and not see a wolf, just to return the next day and find the area covered in tracks under the nightfall. The wolf population in our area is currently very high due to a higher deer population over the past few years. Success rates vary from 60%-80% each year!

A hunter should be prepared for the personal requirements of this hunt.  A long day sit and travel by snowmobile over frozen lakes and old logging roads. We head out before daylight and return at nightfall.  The best bait sites and calling areas are carefully chosen from past experiences and fresh signs of wolf tracks. Hunts are done from permanent or portable ground blinds, which have a propane heater and comfortable chair. Shots can range anywhere from 20 to 250 yards. One should know their weapon very well for shooting in cold weather for accuracy. This is the ultimate experience in hunting! Minimum Rifle size of .243 to Maximum of 30-06.

Limited spots of 3 hunters per week.

If you are looking for this thrill...join Rainy Lake Outfitters on an exciting Ontario Wolf Hunt.